How we'll enhance your travel experience

Online Travel Solutions

Our online travel solutions include a combination of the most up-to-date and most advanced technologies along with a team of experts to give you the best experience when it comes to handling your corporate travel concerns. 

Detailed Reports

We are proud to offer exceptional reporting services, because obtaining detailed and thorough reports on your corporate history is crucial to plan for the future of your company. Our reports provide complete and thorough insights on how your travels have affected your company, and what can be done to improve it.

Risk Management

Sky Air Global’s travel risk assessment & management program is a complete program to assess and manage the safety of you or your employees’ travels. We assess the possible risks that you may face at your destination, and ensure that all precautions are made to ensure a safe travel for you and your employees.  

Cost Management

Sky Air Global has, in addition to the features in our online portal, a team of experts that specialize in managing your trip in such a way that you will endure the least possible costs, but obtain the best possible service. 

Travel Packages

Sky Air Global offers the best possible travel packages for those companies that want to obtain the best possible service without having to handle all the paperwork themselves. Our packages include complete solutions that cover every aspect of your corporate travels. 


When it comes to your travel needs, we always ensure that when you are using our system all of your demands are met. The way we achieve this is by giving you the utmost flexibility in terms of the layout and functionality of your interface. 

Latest News

Nawroz sport club sponsorship.

Sky Air Global, the Business Travel Management, proudly announced its agreement to be the lead sponsor of the best Kurdish football club, Nawroz Football Club for one season. With our support, Nawroz Football club could get all their requirements available. We are a great supporter of sport of any kind and its significance. Thus, we offered them the incredibly high standard services. Let’s keep promises since we believe in our promises.  

New Iraqi Corportations

Despite a sustained challenging of economy that Iraqis are facing over the past few years, Iraqis are still traveling to different countries and regions. Iraqis arrange their trips through online booking or business travel agencies. Today, the expansion of technology facilitates the relationships either among the clients or businesses. Without any doubt, Sky Air Global has been the best choice for the famous local business travel managements, such as Farooq group holding, Lafarge, Gazprom middle