Nawroz sport club sponsorship.

Sky Air Global, the Business Travel Management, proudly announced its agreement to be the lead sponsor of the best Kurdish football club, Nawroz Football Club for one season. With our support, Nawroz Football club could get all their requirements available. We are a great supporter of sport of any kind and its significance. Thus, we offered them the incredibly high standard services. Let’s keep promises since we believe in our promises.  

Posted on 2016-06-02 09:26:54

New Iraqi Corportations

Despite a sustained challenging of economy that Iraqis are facing over the past few years, Iraqis are still traveling to different countries and regions. Iraqis arrange their trips through online booking or business travel agencies. Today, the expansion of technology facilitates the relationships either among the clients or businesses. Without any doubt, Sky Air Global has been the best choice for the famous local business travel managements, such as Farooq group holding, Lafarge, Gazprom middle east, Farooq Medical center(FMC), and Asia Hawala. Sky Air Global has preserved its corporation’s gratification and satisfaction scores with travel manager satisfaction of approximately 80%. Our success secret can be defined in four words: Intuitive, Fast, Modest, and Accessible.

Posted on 2016-06-02 09:46:37

Sky Air Global News

Sky Air Global is providing a new domain and service in order to build a strong relationship with the local companies, which is a profiling domain. Profiling is basically a way of recording all the information about our corporate companies in details, such as which hotel, restaurant, and flight do they prefer. We are constructing a trustful and respectful connection with our customers and businesses. Let Sky Air Global handle your travel because it offers expert delegates who are upon your demand.

Posted on 2016-06-15 23:39:49

What makes us different

Sky Air has proudly announced the business travel management through Sky Air Global. We are familiar with the traveler demands in this modern world. Our staff is composed of some experts whose experience, skills, talents, and passion are above our clients’ needs. Offering the best services with the least possible price to our clients and corporate businesses is our main mission. We are proud to guarantee the customers by dedicating the most appropriate services through Sky Air Global incomparable staff. Furthermore, we are able to satisfy the biggest leading companies in the country. At Sky Air Global, you are able to find the answers for the most common questions before you may ask.

Posted on 2016-06-15 23:40:51

The need for Travel Management

Travel agencies are the significant sources of both regular tourists and travel advisers. Travel agencies role will vary regarding the development of technology. Technology has opened a door toward the clients and companies. On the other hand, business travel recognizes as a main source in providing new business opportunities. Nowadays, based on the corporate culture, the world becomes smaller while the businesses depend on corporate travel to get more clients and cooperation in different areas and regions. Some people understand the need of business travel management, yet some others don’t. Managed business travel is defined as a corporate travel management. Businesses are performing this tactical approach to be familiar with their travel attitude and behavior, control expenses, and confirmation of the traveler safety

Posted on 2016-06-15 23:41:16

Sky Air and Asiacell Discount Contract

We as a Sky Air for Travel and Tourism are pleased to announce that we signed an agreement with Asiacell, the leading telecom Company in Iraq. Asiacell’s latest service is Eshret Omor platinum card and Sky Air proudly is a partner of Eshret Omor platinum card. This new service offers the Eshret omor Platinum card holders special discounts on our product services. Our product services composed of:

•Hotel Reservation Discount

•Air Ticket Booking Discount

•Transportation Discount.

Posted on 2016-07-31 04:17:58

Adding Some Quality Time for Yourself during Business Travel

Every businessman can find some spare time during a business travel. It is a travel trend that is on the rise due to a societal shift that shows the importance of having a proper work and life balance.

If you’re heading to a city which is a favorite of yours, you have to follow these tips to help you find the time to make the most of your corporate travel adventure.

• Knowing your destination. Research before your business trip can help you to work while having some fun time.

• Learn to manage your time. Try to make appointments early in the day or later in the afternoon to allow for bigger period of time for your adventures

• Booking cleverly. Plan carefully so when it comes to your transportation and hotel booking. Choose a hotel that is near the places that you want to visit.

• Try to arrive earlier / leave later. Sometimes the business meetings for corporate travel can take most of the day. Your company did spend a lot of money to send you to your destination.To avoid wasting your vacation days, try to schedule meetings on Mondays or Fridays and use the weekends to explore.


Posted on 2016-07-31 04:25:06