About Us

Sky Air Global is a member of Sky Air Travel group. Unlike traditional travel companies, we are a company that specifically handles corporate and business travels. Also unlike traditional travel companies, our task is not limited to booking hotel rooms and plane tickets; our task is rather to have a comprehensive approach to handling your complete travel logistics, with our primary focus being cost reduction.

Sky Air Global was established as a member of the popular Sky Air Travel group. After numerous researches on how to better enhance its services and serve a larger audience, Sky Air Travel group finalized its decision to launch the Sky Air Global brand. Sky Air Golbal was established in 2016 with the main goal of serving the needs of corporate and business travels.

The Sky Air Global name was decided upon after considering Sky Air Travel’s successful travel solutions with it nearing its 10 year anniversary. The main goal of the new Global brand is to follow the success of the Sky Air Travel brand and offer the same level, if not a superior level of service and care to the corporate and business travel market.

What Makes Us Different

i. Staff: At Sky Air Global, we have a team of specialized travel experts. Our team is experienced in travel needs and solution and highly motivated to accommodate all of your travel needs.

ii. Cost Savings: One of our main goals in improving your travel experience is to provide the absolute best service for the least possible price. Thus ensuring that you get the best service without worrying about excessive and unnecessary costs.

iii. Personalization of Services: We understand that every company is different, and that their needs are different. At Sky Air Global, every solution we offer your company is specifically tailored to fit the needs of your company.

iv. The magnitude of our clients: At Sky Air Global, we’re proud to say that we’re fulfilling the travel needs of the biggest companies in the country.

Our Mission

 At Sky Air Global our goal is to be the number one agency in Middle East. We also aim to provide a new perspective on serving corporate travel needs. We are currently the leading company in corporate travel management in Iraq and soon we will open branches in the neighboring countries.

Global Partners

Globally, we are currently partners with Turkish Airlines; One of the biggest names in the airline industry. We’re also partners with Sabre, the world’s leading Global Destination System (GDS). Through our partners we offer our services in the whole world, so wherever you go you will not be alone, we can reach you and help you with all your needs. 

Our Clients


• Listen to and understand our customers to benchmark our services

• Ensure a service approach that is flexible, measurable and easily learned

• Build upon a sustainable service offering that is identified as industry leading

Sky Air Global provides an end-to-end solution for our customers. We recognize that every customer is different and each traveler within a company may have different needs – some corporate travelers are domestically focused and therefore prefer online booking options, while others may be travelling internationally to remote areas and therefore require personal assistance to address technical and more complex needs.

In forming an end-to-end solution, Sky Air Global employs a simple approach to ensure the needs and expectations of customers are exceeded by:

• Understanding the customers’ needs, their culture and their goals

• Tailoring a package to suit our customers through:

- Personalized service.

- Effective online booking solutions.

- Reviewing and complying with internal corporate travel policies.

• Realizing efficiencies and achieving savings.

• Providing ongoing client reporting and recommendations for implementing travel strategy.

• Providing efficient payment solutions.

• Offering emergency alert software to assist with traveler safety.

• Providing a 24/7 global service.